Expertise in a wide array of automation technologies.

System PLC logic design and coding

ARC Management and Technology is an industrial automation company providing custom automation and control services, factory engineering and system integration services.

Our control and automation solutions, combined with our automotive expertise, can help you reach the flexibility and speed needed to compete in the global marketplace.

Using various control systems, we provide competitive solutions for our clients by designing, building, installing and supporting automation systems.

We develop the highest quality automation solutions using innovation and sound engineering principles.

Robotics automation solutions

Our experience in the disciplines of electrical, mechanical and pneumatics, combined with industrial robot programming enables our customers to maximize the productivity of their robotic automation.

Robotic Programming Services include:

Path and Source Code Robot Programming

Path and Source Code Robot Programming - Robotics systems can be programmed to reduce cycle time and increase throughput from both a path and custom source code standpoint.

Off-Line Robot Programming/Simulation 

Our technicians have the ability to utilize off-line robotic programming and simulation software to reduce overall programming time and in-field debug. Software animation can be used to create programs and verify application feasibility for each robotic application.

We fully understand how to determine the best cost-effective PLC automation solution, balancing productivity and expense.

Industrial PLC programming and support

Our engineers focus on PLC controller programming for automation projects that allows equipment to operate in a safe and efficient manner.

They are skilled in all phases and aspects of the design process, covering a broad spectrum of industries especially in automotive, where we provide PLC integration services.

ARC Management & Technology has the resources and staff to program S7 based PLC systems, WinCC SCADA applications and WinCC Flex interfaces, as well as the capacity to assemble control panels and motor protection gear in our panel shop.

Our PLC programming services includes the following machine controls:

Electrical Hardware Design
PLC Source Code
PLC Automation
HMI Design
Industrial PLC Automation Software
PLC Programming/Support

Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic design

We design systems using proven and tested project methodology, following rigorous design procedures. This allows us to deliver the highest quality automation systems designed to meet our clients’ needs.

We create the controls hardware layout containing all functional necessary information of electrical components, cabinets, networks, field wiring and cable trunking.

Our Engineering and Electrical Designs Capabilities include:

Mechanical Design Services
Electrical and Controls Design
Hydraulic Application Design
Pneumatic System Design

Using our services, you can implement business process improvements, increase manufacturing flexibility, increase access to real-time production information and improve supply chain integration across your enterprise.

Complete panel design and installation

We make complete control panels with electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic system design, building automation cabinets and PLC control panels.

Our control panel design and installation capabilities include:

Complete control panel design by control systems engineers
Control panel build
Electrical, pneumatic, and hydraulic system design
System PLC logic design and coding
Machine diagnostics and fault reporting
In-plant piping and wiring
Comprehensive testing and qualification systems for factory automation controls

Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical retrofit

ARC Management & Technology offers you retrofitting to any machinery from any manufacturer starting from the basic service to full reconditioning to the last specifications depending on your needs.

Machinery retrofit services can help your business extend the life of your valuable capital assets. Our specialists can update your machinery with new features and technologies in order to improve your production process, at lower cost than if you invest in new equipment.

Your benefits from retrofitting services:

Increased level of automation of your machinery
Improved reliability
Increase in quality and productivity
Extended equipment lifecycles

Retrofitting has different levels. A retrofit can be as basic as replacing old axes motors and drives with new AC digital servo technology. For example, a comprehensive retrofit would include an all new machine electrical system such as CNC control, digital servo motors and drives, complete machine wiring, linear and rotary encoders for closed loop positioning feedback, new operator pendant, new electrical cabinet, and complete documentation package for the customer.